Nice Simple Design The Modern Russian Top Interior That Can Be Decor With Wooden Floor With Grey Modern Curtanis That Make Ti Seems Nice Design Inside House


First, you have to be careful that it will be present in the bathroom Russia. Plank floors, walls made of wood, benches, stoves Russia, as well as important furniture - a wooden table in the impressive size of the area intended for relaxation. You can create, bathroom broom hanging on the walls are beautiful, old trinkets Russia to lay tracks on benches, resting on the small floor carpet weaving, embroidery laid table linen tablecloth.

This style is not the same finishing steam room, in Russian it is made of wood and the modern Russian top interior great. If require financial investment you do not want to change the design of the steam room, you can make Oriental motifs in the design of the shower or pool. in the recreation area to do a real hookah, put a low table and hung bright curtains. Be sure to buy a multi-colored pillow that feature for luxury style.

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